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Meet Chaoly

Chaoly is a data analytics tool that consolidates, tracks and visualizes all your China data so you can make better data-driven decisions. 


  • A dashboarding tool that shows your main China KPIs instantly
  • Easily connect your main data sources in China, such as Tmall, Weibo, WeChat, XHS and Baidu
  • No coding required


Data collection

We collect data from all the major Chinese platforms. Data from e-commerce platforms as well as social media platforms are both accumulated in our data pipeline.

Data analytics

The data is visualized in an intuitive, but powerful dashboarding tool that displays all important information. Chaoly provides cross-platform data analytics in one comprehensive interface.


Our data science team will provide you reports containing recommendations that will enable you to ask the right questions internally and to your Chinese partner. Ultimately, the goal is to improve your performance in China together with all stakeholders.


New to China?

Do you want to be part of the biggest e-commerce market in the world? We’re here to help! We offer the possibility to analyze competitor’s data to find the best approach to enter the Chinese e-commerce market. Choices like which shop channel you have to choose and what product mix to use will be based on facts, not intuition.

Already Active in China?

There’s always room for growth. The Chinese market is one of the most rapid changing markets in the world and the key to success is to adapt. We provide you with actionable insights, to help your business grow. No matter which period, season or unexpected developments you encounter, data doesn’t lie. Our real-life data makes real-life decisions more reliable. 


Are you an agency looking to expand into the Chinese market? Data is king and we provide you the necessary tools to help your clients. Our software tool can be white labeled, so you have access to your own personalized data tool. All of this in one interface!



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