Spend less time on your China data, more time on insights!

Big data is the ‘new oil’; the most valuable commodity today in the era of digital economy. Knowing how to effectively make use of data, will get you one step closer to winning the Chinese eCommerce game.

Yet, many companies in China experience a data overload and do not have the needed resources to shift through all the data. As a result a lot of this data stays unused; wasting the potential in valuable insights to make better decisions.

Coming from a background as a Chinese eCommerce agency (or TP) for six years ourselves, we have encountered this problem many times. 

That’s where Chaoly comes in. We created a proprietary cloud-based data platform, based on the latest technologies that integrates your data together with big data sources from major Chinese platforms. These platforms include Tmall, Baidu, WeChat, Weibo and Little Red Book. Our Insights-as-a-Service then provides you with actionable insights and intelligence derived from the data, to make informed business decisions. In simple words: we make sense of the data extracted from all those China sources for you.

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