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Already Active in China?

Are you already operative in China, but wish to expand and/or grow your business? We’re here to help!

The Chinese market is one the most rapidly changing market in the world. One successful business in one year could be bankrupt by the next year; that’s how competitive the Chinese market is.

To stand out from the crowd, it’s important to adapt to the current modern trends. Data is king in the age of the internet; thus our insights are based only on factual data. The data will be available in a clear overview available to you with all our pricing plans.

We make it possible to:

    From theory to practice

    Factual data brings different insights to the table than experience and intuition. Our Chaoly software tool brings all data from different platforms together in one clear overview. The data will be available to you in our Chaoly dashboard. Data doesn’t lie; our team of data analysts make use of the theory to produce valuable insights. 

    Weekly & Monthly reports

    We deliver weekly reports, covering key KPI’s, social media performance, marketing costs and ROI among others. Monthly reports are also available with detailed analysis covering actual performance vs. target performance, Baidu search information and details regarding the performance of your trade partner. The reports will be handmade by our team of data analysts and experts every week and month, depending on your package.

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